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to make your mark on your community or neighborhood – or both! People all over your community are reading magazines as they wait in doctors’ offices, lobbies of hotels & business buildings. They’re picking up community magazines at local grocery stores and other drop spots around town.

That magazine could be yours.

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DIY (Do It Yourself)

well almost...
  • Are you a do-it-yourselfer, thirsty to learn? This is the program for you! Designed to get you started and let you work at your own pace, your Orientation Coach will jump-start your process then take the training wheels off and let you glide on your own. It’s hard to believe that a program for under $1,000 can launch a new career that offers the flexibility and freedom of entrepreneurship you’ve always longed for – yet here it is!
  • Orientation Coach (8 hours)
  • DIY Program Guide (digital) – A to Z, step-by-step workbook for starting your own magazine.
  • ADD ‘A La Carte’ services
  • Need extra help? ADD a Personal Coach (ask about packages)
  • UPGRADE to “We’ve Got This!” – get $500 OFF first issue
  • UPGRADE to “You’ve Got This!” – get $500 OFF program

A La Carte

handpick your services
  • You can enlist these services as standalone or we can put a package of services together for you. You can also ADD any of these services to another one of our programs. Have it your way!
  • Personal Coach plans
  • graphic design (magazine template design, ad creation, etc.)
  • editing & proofreading
  • branding (logo, taglines, etc.)
  • marketing (social media, rate sheet design, etc.)
  • media kit
  • website build or revamp
  • online (live) magazine service
  • printing, upload, distribution
  • videos (marketing/community-oriented)

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