Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to a real person?

Sure! We’d love to chat!

Call us:  (336) 524-6966  OR

Email us:

You will be assigned to a Personal Coach who will be with you all the way through the process – so no downtime catching someone up on what’s going on with your account.

Do I have a limited time to complete the DIY Course?

Our course is designed to be a ‘self-paced’ course. We DO limit access to the course for 12 months from date of signup in the event that we ever decide to discontinue the course – we would then want to honor our commitment to all who sign up. Rest assured that as long as we are offering this course online, every person who signs up will have a minimum of 12 months to finish their course.

If you have more questions about our DIY program (or any other program), feel free to call or email us. We’d love to help you decide what can work best for you.

(336) 524-6966


Can I upgrade from the DIY Program if I want to start with DIY?

You can absolutely convert your DIY program.

We’ll even let you apply your DIY course fee toward your first issue of our WE’VE Got This! program


toward our YOU’VE Got This! program

You’ve got nothin’ to lose by trying it on your own first!

Do you offer payment plans?

We do offer payment plans. We don’t publish those plans online because we personalize payment plans to suit the needs of our clients.

Who develops the content within the magazines?

That’s a great question!

Our DIY Course guides you through the bones of a structure that we are confident will work for the type of magazine you want to publish. We’ll need to find out more about your vision so we can provide the best, personalized DIY Program for your new venture. If you need additional services, our A La Carte menu can help.

Our WE’VE Got This! Program works with you to set up a system for putting some of that content on auto-pilot.

If you choose our YOU’VE Got This! Program, we’ll teach you the ropes of putting some of your content on auto-pilot and give you guidance on the best methods of finding and accumulating good community content.

Our programs aren’t 100% cookie-cutter. Our clients’ needs, skill levels and desires of involvement vary. The hardest part is the part WE do for free – we spend quality time asking all YOU all the right questions, answering YOUR questions and getting a thorough understanding of your mission.

Can I have advertisers in my magazine to help pay production costs?

It’s YOUR magazine! You can and you probably should!

You can certainly help subsidize your magazine by allowing advertisement. This is a VERY common practice, as most magazine publishers don’t want to (or can’t) shoulder the cost of ad design, layout design, printing and distribution on their own.

NEIGHBORHOOD Magazines can often be “sponsored” and we can tell you more about that!

COMMUNITY Magazines can enroll in our ‘local causes’ sponsorship program and submit local causes that can be sponsored by local (bigger) businesses (and helps your magazine get reimbursed for ads and content you would normally publish ‘pro bono’ to help the community). Ask us about this program!

Is it possible to find sponsors for my magazine?

Aside from allowing advertisements in your magazine, there are opportunities to line up sponsorship as well.

NEIGHBORHOOD Magazines can often be “sponsored” and we can also tell you more about that!

COMMUNITY Magazines can enroll in our ‘local causes’ sponsorship program and submit local causes that can be sponsored by local businesses (and helps your magazine get reimbursed for ads and content you would normally publish ‘pro bono’ to help the community).

Ask us about these programs!

How do I know what to charge for monetized content and ads?

We can help with that, too!

Even our DIY Course has guidelines you can use as a means to get started using rate ranges we recommend. For a small fee we can design a rate card for you (and quote printing for those cards if you want more than a digital version).

How do I draw up Advertising Agreements?

We’ve got you covered on that, too!

Even our DIY Course comes with an editable template, initially set with your logo already on it and ready to go!

How do I get advertisers for my magazine?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a salesperson to gain advertisers. With community magazines it’s all about sharing community information (events, positive news, etc.) and connecting residents with local businesses – and that’s an organic recipe for gaining advertisers.

Our DIY Course has some helpful tips on how to gain advertisers and our We’ve Got This! & You’ve Got This! programs offer some hand-holding on this topic.

Do you offer sales videos or tutorials?

Coming Soon…

Do I need a professional Media Kit for my magazine?

You DO need a professional media kit for your magazine. Your potential advertisers will want information about distribution, reach, demographics & more.

We can include that in your program if you don’t have the means to develop one.

Do I need a website for my magazine? Do you offer that service?

You will want a website for your magazine. Besides legitimizing your magazine, a web presence is needed to display your “online” magazine if you choose to have a digital version – and you should!

We do have website build plans that begin at just $599 and can include your domain name. Email boxes are extra.

How do I get a professionally designed logo for my magazine?

What you’ll ultimately need is the name of your magazine in a recognizable font and laid out in such a way that it is both aesthetically pleasing, legible and memorable. That is covered in our We’ve Got This! & You‘ve Got This! programs (restrictions apply). You can also get this service as an ADD-ON from our A La Carte menu of services.

Do you offer community video production?

We think community videos are very effective and encourage having one created to help promote your community AND your magazine! It can be embedded on your website and used to pitch your magazine to potential advertisers. We do offer this as an add-on.

Do I have to publish a magazine every month?

You can publish as frequently or infrequently as you wish. Our programs are based on a “per issue” structure.

For instance, if you were to choose our WE’VE Got This! Members Only Program to get the best possible rates, this doesn’t mean you have to publish each month. The ‘length’ (number of issues) of your program would be based on how often you publish. Our plans are based on:

Publish Monthly:   12 issues/12 months

Publish Bimonthly:  6 issues/12 months

Less Frequent Publishing:  requires minimum of 6-issue commitment to join our WE’VE Got This! Program

It takes a a year or two to get your magazine on solid ground (meaning people can see that you’re there to stay), though it does not take that long to profit if you work the program and avoid complacency. Our WE’VE Got This! Program keeps you accountable and increases your chances of survival.

How quickly can I launch a magazine?

This depends upon several factors that only delving deeper into your vision (with you) will reveal.

You can realistically publish within two months from signup (maybe a little sooner), depending upon the answers to a host of questions (Do you already have a professional logo? Are you pretty clear on the basics of your content?, etc.)

We’ll quickly help you get to the bottom of a realistic timeline during our prelim phase.

How many magazines should I print for each issue?

This is something we’ll discuss with you during the fine-tuning of your program, once you have decided to go forward. Some factors are:

  • Size of area you want to cover
  • Budget for printing & distribution
  • Goals for rate of expansion
How do I determine how many pages I want the magazine to be?

32 pages is a good place to start. It feels substantial and leaves room for expansion. For a community magazine, 48 pages is an ample goal to shoot for once your magazine starts getting noticed and begins building a reputation. The more pages your magazine is, the lower the per issue cost will be. Shipping will go up a bit and it’s a heavier, bulkier shipment to contend with, but 48 pages is a solid goal.

This would vary if you are running an ‘online only’ magazine.

Is there a minimum number of magazines for print runs?

There really isn’t BUT you will want to start with a large enough run to get the best print rates. The more magazines you print, the lower your “per issue” rate will be. We can chat about that, too.


Do I have to use your print source?

You are certainly not tied to our print source, but experience has shown us that we have access to the best professional printer rates around. You can trust the quality of the work and the rates are very hard to beat – we’ve tried! It’s a bad practice to bounce around to different printers, so choose wisely. We’ll help you do that, too.

Are online magazine services (flip magazine) included?

Yes, we can also supply a digital version, complete with interactive hyperlinks and an embed code for displaying online.

We also offer flip magazine online display options – one is sure to work for you. We can even handle the change-out of your website embed code each time a new magazine publishes, if that’s something you’d like us to do, or we can supply the digital version and/or embed code.

Are there any restrictions on magazine content/focus?

We specialize in community magazine and neighborhood magazine programs, but are happy to help you with a different type of magazine. We know the ropes.

Our only restriction is that we don’t publish sex-themed or pornographic-themed magazines. We also do not publish racially biased magazines. We just don’t care to have our organization affiliated with those types of publications – to each his own.

Anything else…the sky is the limit. Wanna start a neighborhood or community kids’ magazine? A senior’s magazine? A coupon magazine?  We can help you do that! Wanna start an organic gardening magazine? We can help you do that! Wanna start a local lifestyles magazine? (you get the picture…)

We know the ropes and can cut your learning curve (and labor) WAY down.

What about distribution? Can my magazines be mailed out?

GOOD question!

There are many ways to distribute magazines – especially community magazines. Let’s use a community magazine as the example here.

You can mix distribution methods (or choose just one):

  • Direct Mail a few hundred or a few thousand to affluent neighborhoods (depending upon what type of magazine you’re interested in publishing)
  • Drop stacks of new magazines each time the magazine publishes (libraries, your advertisers’ businesses, waiting rooms, YMCA, government offices – any place where people may want to read something to pass the time)
  • Grocery store distribution. This can be quite reasonable and takes a big chunk of the responsibility off of you because you can arrange to have an entire batch of your print run shipped to the distributor’s warehouse.
  • Hire someone to hand-deliver a certain number of magazines each time a new issue publishes – or do it yourself! This gives you the opportunity to talk to business owners and further connect yourself with their needs and challenges.

We can walk you through the best distribution ideas for your magazine concept, based on how “hands on” you intend to be.

How far in advance do production costs need to be paid?

A typical production schedule requires the following (monthly payment plans can help ease the budget):

  • All charges (associated with each issue, as they individually set to publish) must paid in full no later than 2 weeks before upload to printer. We offer flexible payment plans to meet your budget as well as production costs.
  • Printing and distribution charges to be paid in full no later than the day before upload to printer. Files will not be accepted for upload unless printing charges have been settled.

You will always know exactly what your charges will be (with the exception of an occasional re-upload fee ($100) if the error is on your part or you request a change after upload (but before printing takes place). You will have ample opportunity to review and approve your magazine before it goes to print. There won’t be any surprises. When it comes to business, we don’t like surprises either!

Can I start a PRINT only or ONLINE only magazine?

Yes, is the short answer.

The longer answer is that you can do one or the other OR you can do both (to add an online version of your print magazine costs only a few dollars a month to do).

You CAN choose to only publish ONLINE only. We can help with these decisions.

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