FIRST, decide what program is right for you

Familiarize yourself with our programs. It only takes a few minutes & it will speed up the process. If you still have questions, you can visit our FAQ page where you’ll find the answers to many common questions & concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phase I

The ball is in motion…

  • consulting & fact gathering (we’ll help you choose the best possible path to publishing your own magazine)
  • if you begin your journey with our DIY program, you’ll submit your initial payment & be given access to your download (you can always convert your DIY program to our WE’VE Got This! program at a later date if you decide not to go it alone after taking the course)
  • Agreement – We’ll outline what you’ve chosen in an Agreement & tailor the program and procedures to fit the services or program you’ve chosen
  • Agreement signed & payment¬†arrangements finalized and agreed-upon deposit required at signing


We’re ready to really start this party…

  • final fact-gathering
  • you’ll receive clear instructions and a list of what we still need from you before we can begin work
  • based on the program/services you choose, we’ll begin actively following the appropriate, outlined procedures to fulfill our end of the agreement
  • we will always keep you apprised of what stage of the program or services and you can rest assured that you will be given reasonable deadlines as we approach them. Reasonable response times going both ways will ensure that we will make steady progress and meet deadlines on time ~ you’ll be holding your new magazine in your hands before you know it!

NEXT, Contact Us

We’ll be happy to work with you through email, initially, but we highly recommend a telephone consultation once you decide you’d like to move forward. We know you’ll feel more comfortable talking to a real person in real time and WE know it will speed up the process, which usually makes EVERYONE happy!

Let's Build a Magazine Together